BP (British Petroleum): A Lesson on Corporate Social Responsibility

Disasters keep on affecting people and families around the world. While some are natural disasters, others are man-made. This is apparent in the BP Gulf Coast oil spill, a preventable man-made catastrophe. From April to July 2010, in excess of 185 million gallons of unrefined petroleum spilled into the Gulf Coast. This crushed the indigenous habitat including wild life and the lifestyle for Gulf Coast people group. As a corporate realm speaking to the biggest oil organization on the planet, BP must be practice dependable business morals. This is the exercise learned for BP. It is likewise the exercise learned for government and endeavor with respect to essential precautionary measures against wellbeing. Security turns into a key topic in preventable fiascos. By executing methodologies in security BP can improve social duty, ethical strategies, and ecological effect of unrefined petroleum extraction and refinery.

Safety is a key strategy to address issues of social and moral obligation. Not only BP ought to improve security practices, the legislature should screen these safety procedures. It attempts to decrease hazards and limit dangers. This isn’t just basic to avert mishaps it is additionally a principal system for business progression. The raw petroleum that spilled into the Gulf and destroyed the earth speaks to a considerable misfortune in oil supply and benefits. Furthermore, BP lost specialists, hardware, stock, honesty, and open regard. Taking basic measures to improve security and diminish dangers to coherence is proposed by experts and researchers around the world. Be that as it may, BP neglected. They give an exemplary case of what can happen when to associations dismiss security, morals, and social duty.


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