Musings on The Tempest

For my blogpost today I was musing through thoughts on portrayals of The Tempest and Shakespeare’ possible last work. In some interpretations towards the end of the play Prospero’s riddance of magic – some say relates to Shakespeare’ retiring and the possibility that he could of written in his goodbye to writing future plays through Prospero’s riddance. In the Tempest a neutral air spirit Ariel gives Prospero additional power by carrying out his orders. When relating to Shakespeare – if Prospero’s loss of magic represents his retiring, could then the power that Ariel gives him represent William’ relationship with the public that also empower him? So in that case Prospero releasing Ariel could represent Shakespeare’ need to draw back into the familiarity of his hometown Stratford-upon-Avon. And when Prospero first frees Ariel from the tree that could portray him first finding his fame. It’s fun to see all the different takes on The Tempest especially in film. I’ve been looking through others that are out there and it’s interesting how vastly different they from each other, If this was in fact Shakespeare’ goodbye then what a great way his last was one that has engaged audiences and readers to this day.

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