A female Prospero?

The lack of female presence in The Tempest is depressing from a feminist perspective, considering that the only two females do not shed positive light on their gender. Miranda is passive and rarely makes a real contribution to the play, besides being a prop that the male characters use.┬áSycorax, who never even appears in the play, is portrayed as an evil witch and another negative image of females. Ultimately, females are very much put in the back-seat in the Tempest. However, I have seen a film version of the Tempest in which Prospero is a female. This drastically changes the dynamics of gender in the play. Women are no longer shown as weak and incapable of doing anything. Prospero is portrayed more as a severe and over-protective mother, rather than a self-absorbed and tyrannical conquerer of Caliban’s lands. Prospero is a mother trying to connect with her teenage daughter Miranda, and protect her from various evils the world throws at her. Not only is Propsero a bit more likable, but also puts a bit more of a feminist spin on The Tempest. A well adapted version, and perhaps a more modern take on the play, I highly recommend it.

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