RE: Drones Delivering Pizza? Venture Capitalists Wager on It

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While looking at my classmate, Jerome Lam’s Blog post, I encounter a very interesting blog post on using Drones to deliver pizza. I agree to his points and do personally look forward to this. However, my interest is on why, not how.

The research and development of using Drones to deliver pizza is certainly very costly. For a pizza delivering business, which has a thin profit margin, it doesn’t make much sense to me. Why will the accountants say yes to this?

There are two reasons I can think of. Firstly, Using Drones to deliver pizza is definitely a point of difference for the pizza delivering business. Imagine a scenario: “Pizza A and B taste and cost exactly the same, but PIZZA B DELIVER PIZZA WITH DRONES”. I will definitely choose Pizza B. Secondly, I think it is because it is costing more to hire a person to deliver pizza. This raises an interesting point. When people are complaining how people in developing nations are “stealing their jobs”, what will they think if robots are stealing their jobs now? Is it a corporate social responsibility for business to hire people even if they can use robots to lower their cost?

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