GM’s new customer service boss once worked on the factory floor


This new appointment in GM reminds me of Zappos’s customer service. Although GM is not radically changing customer service just by appointing a new person in charge, the article still reflects how customer service can go beyond just satisfying customers.

I see that GM’s appointment have achieved a number of goals: 1. Having someone who once worked on the factory floor, Boler-Davis is able to more easily communicate feedback with the product development team with a level of technical expertise, tying the departments more closely together; 2. Her innovations of brining call-center employees back in-house shows determination to improve customer service quality, increasing customer satisfaction and drawing customers closer to the company; 3. Having a management individual to regularly take telephone calls like an ordinary worker can boost employees’ moral, drawing employees closer to the company.

It might just be an appointment in the customer service sector of the company, but what it does for the company is always more than that. GM’s appointment shows a culture of connection in many levels: between departments, between customers and the company and also between the employees and the company. The value of the culture is its ability to guide a company.

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