Drawback of Points of Difference


The competition in the smart phone industry is abnormal, phones have been in a competition of pushing out new features as fast as possible, while some “new features” a year ago might is now considered a point of parity in the smartphone industry.

Marketing relies heavily on the point of difference on top of the point of parity to differentiate a product from its competitors. Some phones establish its point of difference through a chase of numbers: more pixels, larger screens and etc. Apple, however, took a different approach, they put new functions on their phone, now you can unlock your phone through fingerprint.

My focus however, is on the drawback of this competition for points of difference. The fingerprint unlock system creates wide concern and security issue.  The article suggests that fingerprint is overall not a very good way to secure your phone, while other raise concern over whether the government and hackers can now get the fingerprint information of individuals. In my opinion, over focusing on points of difference might lead to putting immature technologies into phones, ruining the product in the end. I personally won’t want a perfectly designed smartphone to be ruined that way.

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