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As a student in UBC, the issue of why college cost so much relates to me greatly. The value proposition that UBC can offer me is like a VIP ticket to a concert, it enables me to so many different opportunities to experience the “magic” in the real world. However, why is it so expensive? This blog post certainly can tell you some of the likely reasons. What interest me most about this blog post is however the author’s suggestion that bringing college education online can solve the problem.

While I think that online education can bring a lot to the world, I am not confident that it can lower the cost of college, since I think the value proposition of college education is more than knowledge, but contains an element of exclusivity. This element of exclusivity can be the name of the university and even the amount of group work experience that you cannot get from online education.

Online education can certainly make the public more knowledgeable, but I will not consider it as a substitute for college education, since university degree from a good university isn’t only about the education, but also a kind of status.

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  1. asma

    thanks for your writing. this is what called brand value in a sense.

  2. Martin crocks

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  3. S kumar

    Let us join you, college fee hike is regular and will continue in future as well. Why? Because, education departments have their own policy, they update it after a certain period of time. You would ask, even why? The short answer is, the increased amount we pay is adjusted in free education system run by governments…we know them as government schools. In India, the central and state governments allocate huge amounts of money to educate children from rural areas, across the country. They provide free books, dress, tiffin, cycles and even financial aid in backward areas so that each and every child of our society can be educated. Hope this will help you https://www.onlineabedon.co.in/

  4. Rajiv Saxena

    The “Cheap Online Education Myth” refers to the misconception that all online education is inherently inexpensive. While online courses and programs can offer cost-saving advantages compared to traditional in-person education, it’s not always the case that they are uniformly cheap. Factors such as the reputation of the institution, the quality of the courses, the type of degree or certification sought, and additional fees can significantly influence the cost of online education. It’s essential for individuals to research and carefully consider their options to make informed decisions about the affordability and value of online learning that helps people find jobs https://www.kaiseonline.com/

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