Student Perspectives: Jamie Hsu

Collegiality at Allard School of Law

Succeeding at law school can take many shapes and forms. Whether its academic success, taking advantage of the numerous opportunities and clinics to pursue your passion, establishing long-lasting relationships that are both personal and professional or one of the other ways that comprise the long list of different ways to succeed, there is a common enabling factor: the culture of community and support at Allard Hall.

10547839_10155344001085043_1917914970287575107_oThere are numerous ways this culture of community manifests and several start with your choices. Take advantage of the peer-tutoring program, go to your professor’s office hours, have a weekly night of drinking with your friends, share notes and study together; everyone is better off if you buy in. The faculty, the staff and especially the upper-year students are more than willing to help out. It’s a system of pay it forward and we’re happy to pass on what we know because what we know was passed down to us.

The truth about law school, especially first year, is that it is very rare that there is anything you do or go through that somebody else hasn’t done or experience in some fashion already. As such, you’re faced with two choices: (a) Draw from the resource that is the unbelievably diverse, kind and intelligent community around you or (b) go it alone. Given the fact that you’ll spend most of law school getting B’s, I would take this last chance to go with option A.

Excited to meet you all in the fall, enjoy the rest of your summer.

James Hsu, 3L.



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