Top 5 Benefits of Hootsuite

Here’s my top 5 reasons by you need to start using Hootsuite, for those of you find it difficult to keep up with all of your social channels or if you are thinking about working for a digital marketing agency.

My Hootsuite Dashboard Setup

My Hootsuite Dashboard Setup

1) Social Media Management.  With the help of one dashboard, Hootsuite allows you to keep up with multiple channels and account for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other channels that you or your client may use.  No logging in and out necessary.  Seriously, this saves SO MUCH TIME!

2) Keyword Searching.  Want to see who’s talking about your company or a topic your company is interested in?  All you have to do is click “add stream” and type in the keywords into the search entry and you will be able to keep track of all the good and bad said about your company.

3) Geocode Searching.  If you want to see who’s talking about a specific topic in a certain geographic area, say who’s “hungry” or who’s looking for a “yoga” studio, you can search these keywords and use the geocode taken from google maps that you are looking for within a certain km radius.  How cool is that??  If you find people talking about something they’re looking for, you can go ahead and tweet them on your company’s account and let them know what you have to offer.

4) Post Analytics.  If you have Hootsuite Pro, you can generate many reports that display how well or badly your posts have done on Facebook and Twitter.  You can see which ones had the most engagement, click rate, and were generally most successful.  This way you can stop what’s not working and continue what is.

5) Scheduling Posts.  If you manage a company that posts on Facebook and Twitter multiple times a day, it is often useful to use the scheduling option that Hootsuite is so well known for.  You can type up multiple posts, schedule them in the publisher calendar and don’t have to always be working away on your laptop all day.  Time management, people!

So there you go.  I hope I have you convinced that Hootsuite is for you.  I certainly refuse to go back to the old days where

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