Are Youtube Stars the New PR Agents?



The celebrity-like nature of Youtube stars these days is extraordinarily powerful and companies on the forefront of public relations and marketing strategies are taking advantage.  In what could be said is the peak of content creation on Youtube, Conde Nast is latching onto this heightened following of Youtube Stars by offering them hard to pass up deals where they will sponsor them in return for them starring in various series on their Youtube channel.  Adding a Youtube star and makeup guru Kandee Johnson to the marketing mix allows Conde Nast to draw from a large die-hard following of over 2 million fangirls who idolize anything that the star shows interest in.  The intelligence behind this strategy is astounding, because the ideal customer is one who is fully immersed in all the nooks and crannies of the brand, and die hard fans become immersed quickly.

Alfie Deyes, Youtube daily vlogger and content creator.

Alfie Deyes, Youtube daily vlogger and content creator.

Quantum of the Seas, a new cruise ship in the Royal Caribbean collection just launched a first sail media cruise, for only press to explore all of the innovative features of the new ship.  The ship was host to some incredible attractions, such as a roller skate rink, a surfing simulator, and a ride called the “North Star” that rose many meters up into the sky while the boat was sailing.  Insane, eh?  Well, Royal Caribbean also caught onto this trend of Youtube Stars and invited daily vloggers Jim Chapman and Alfie Deyes (you can watch his vlog here) onto the ship for a free 2 day all inclusive cruise, where they were encouraged to vlog as much of their trip as they wanted, generating interest from their millions of viewers.  Again, companies like this are really catching onto the new trends of reaching a loyal, target audience.  Genius guys.


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