Forming Your Christmas Email Marketing Campaign


It’s the most wonderful time of the year…almost.  Well, it’s the beginning of November and the #psl (pumpkin spice lattes) are gone from Starbucks, replaced by the infamous red cups.

With the Christmas joy comes the spirit of giving and…a Christmas email marketing campaign?

Yes, people.  Time to take advantage of the shift in weather and happy spirit of your customers and carefully craft your Christmas campaign to get your fans even more in the spirit.  Here are my tips for crafting your perfect Christmas email marketing campaign.

1) Make it feel personal and special.  Nothing feels better than knowing or feeling like someone truly cares about you.  That’s what your customers want, to feel as if they’re not just another number.  Give them something special, a gift of some sorts, to encourage them to do what you want (maybe buy a gift for xmas at their store with an exclusive discount – only available to email subscribers!).  You have their name on file, so use it.  Look at their previous purchase history and tailor the email to the correct group of people.  This is where you may have 3 slightly different campaigns sent out to different types of customers. Jcrew 1

2) Pump up the festivity.  It’s Christmas, for goodness sakes!  Show some enthusiasm, make some puny jokes (but please not overused ones – I’m talking checking your list and checking it twice) and get your customers in the festive spirit.  If you’re the reason someone starts getting into the Christmas spirit, they’ll forever remember that.

J.Crew's Christmas Email

J.Crew’s Christmas Email

3) Redesign your template in holiday style.  If you normally use a certain template design, alter it a bit so regular readers of your email marketing campaigns notice that this one is special and are more likely to be intrigued by it.  You can even do something as simple as using the same template format and changing the colour scheme or adding a little string of christmas lights at the top.  Be creative!

Those are my tips! Happy Holidays everyone xx


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