Poster Roundup: Snooze City

Clearly we’ve all been spending time with our Clean Modern Design textbooks this term. While nobody’s asking anyone to repeat mistakes of years past, candidate posters have been downright dull and professional this year. Also, no joke candidates. Is it the economy that’s making you all play it so safe? [Ed: …no, we don’t know what the economy does. Coming soon: our coverage of the VP Finance race!]

This is what every day looks like for you, Barnabas, isn't it

Definitely always the exception #yolo

What do you mean dull, you bitter hacks, you say. Do you want everyone to cover their posters with glitter Myspace gifs?

but also would it kill you to use a typeface with serifs?

Normally we’d break this mother down into good-bad-ugly, but we don’t want to attract the mockery of the graphic design set [Ed. – See above, re: areas not in our expertise]. Instead, we’ve broken it down into the far duller categories of Solid as Concrete, Dynamic Red, and Firm Hand on the Tiller Blue—apparently the only three options for background colours if you’re not going for ‘blurry nature scene.’

Solid as Concrete

These gentlemen have grounded themselves on a background that says they’re stoic. Solid. Dependable. Like a rock. Note the touches of red and blue—them’s the leadership colours.

Dynamic Red

At least two of these just make us want to break out into “ABC Café“—you know? revolution! sex! STRONG OPINIONS ABOUT ANNE HATHAWAY

RED—the blood of angry hacks
BLACK—UN complaints of past
RED—the ire of students’ rants
BLACK—or grey for good contrast

We expect a full parody musical on our desk by this time next week.

Firm Hand on the Tiller Blue

With the exception of Princess Shinyhair, Queen of Efficiency, blue shows up largely as subsets of other colours, e.g. concrete:

While it may not be as musical-theatre as red, blue gives a soothing, peaceful image. Ahhh. So relaxing. Now just drift away on a sea of budget reports and mental health initiatives…

Nature scene


We’re a little worried by Tanner’s lack of foresight, though [insert joke about athletics fees here]:

Keep an eye out for more coverage and poster critiques in the coming days, kids.

1 thought on “Poster Roundup: Snooze City

  1. Unicorn Sparkles

    Bokor’s Ballad:

    On my own
    Pretending people care
    ’bout elections
    Campaigning till morning
    Without Kyle
    I’ll finally have the power
    And when I lose my way I’ll say I’m
    Not as bad as Tyson

    In the rain the pavement shines like silver
    I’m so bored, I’m staring at the pavement.
    There’s no bus, so what the fuck can I do?
    And all I see is “lobbying” forever and forever

    And I know it’s only in my mind
    That I’ll actually change anything at all
    What’s the point? I know there is no use
    Still I say, I’ll get paid for this

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