Video about the Global Encounters Tutorial Option

Click on this link to see a short video about the global encounters tutorial produced by U.Michigan’s online TV program: Global Encounters -the view from Michigan.

Schedule of GET Options meetings:  all occur at 4:00pm; room TBA.   This schedule will replace the standard tutorial schedule for GET Option students.  Once you have selected this option we will take you out of your current tutorial and enroll you in the GET Option tutorial.

  • Sept. 15 Intro
  • Sept. 20 UBC-UofM (College Life)
  • Sept. 22 UBC-UofM (Culture/Traditions)
  • Sept. 27 UBC-UofM (Religion/Values)
  • Sept. 29 UBC-UofM (Stereotypes/Discrimination)
  • Oct. 6  UBC-SNU (College Life)
  • Oct. 13 UBC-SNU (Culture/Traditions)
  • Oct. 18 UBC-SNU (Religion/Values)
  • Oct. 20 UBC-SNU (Stereotypes/Discrimination)
  • Nov. 10 General Discussion
  • Nov. 24 General Discussion