Dr. Taverner discusses our VR Cancer Chronic pain project in the Delta Optimist

Could virtual reality be a breakthrough treatment to help ease the suffering of chronic pain in cancer patients? That’s one of the questions a pair of UBC professors from South Delta is hoping to answer.

Our study is recruiting cancer patients who also suffer from chronic pain and meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Age 16 or older
  • Previous or current medical diagnosis of cancer
  • Previous or current treatment by chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonal treatment, or surgery
  • Currently an outpatient (not hospitalized)
  • Chronic pain sufferer (suffering ongoing daily pain for 3 months or more with a Neuropathic Rating Pain Scale score of 4 or more)
  • Able to understand the English language, and read and write English
  • Have normal stereoscopic (binocular) vision
  • Able to easily move your head up, down, left and right and wear a headset
  • Have fine motor control in one hand sufficient to operate a joystick/control
  • Have space at home for a computer and monitor equipment

For more info and for the news article please visit: http://www.delta-optimist.com/news/using-virtual-reality-to-ease-chronic-pain-1.16991183#sthash.66Jg69FE.dpuf

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