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Meeting Your Baby for the First Time Through VR

A groundbreaking technology has allowed parents to meet their unborn baby in a virtual reality headset. This technique works by merging ultrasound imagery with magnetic resonance imaging, which scans the womb and fetus to build a 3D model. Not only can you see the fetus in 3D, you can also hear the its heartbeat through this technology.

This technology can be used medically as well, as it can help doctors pick up problems with the fetus early on, as the 3D image maps out the internal structure of the fetus, thus allowing specialist to see the progression in organ development. Very cool!

For more information, visit the news link here.

New VR headset, Daydream View Announced by Google

Google just announced its new VR headset, Daydream View. You can visit the official website to check out the new headset or this neat YouTube video. This headset requires a Daydream-ready phone in order to operate and it comes with a remote controller similar to the ones that comes with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The headset is covered in soft fabric and can be connected wirelessly. Shipping starts in November. Can’t wait to try on one of these in the near future!

VR and Pain Applications at the Canadian Pain Society Conference

A range of clinical studies and work around the use of virtual reality (VR) in the clinical management of pain will be discussed at the Canadian Pain Society Annual Conference in Vancouver on 27th May 2016 at 11:00 at the Regency Hyatt Hotel. See: for more details.

VR and AR in the News

VR and AR applications are certainly becoming more prominent in the news recently (also with much hype from some manufacturers). Here are a couple of more interesting items:

BBC News: Can AR help us improve reality? Showcases some of the potential of AR technologies, but also illustrates some of the gimmick approaches, and hype where the practical technology is far behind what is being demonstrated!

Hand Gesture Control with Leap Motion VR Controls: Illustrates a very impressive technology for following hand movement in a VR environment.

Bernie Garrett