We had a meeting today at SLAIS and we’ll be posting the official minutes at some point, but for now, here’s a quick recap.

Heather and Alex talked about the ASIS&T conference out in Pittsburgh earlier this month. Heather pitched for people to volunteer and otherwise participate in Research Day. We discussed our wildly successful Cool Tools events and when we’ll have the next one to welcome the new cohort showing up in January, as well as the possibility of selling TShirts as a fundraiser, since apparently we’re supposed to be raising funds so we can rent a bus some day. Some awesome road-trippish kind of day. There will be a TShirt design contest coming, with a deadline of January 7, 2011. More information as the posters get made.

There was also an election for the soon to be vacant (once Alex graduates) position of webmaster and Justin Unrau (that’s me) is now it.