Dear all,

UBC is in the process of shutting down Interchange…well, they have been for quite some time.
We want to play it safe and are moving to a new mailing list.
You will receive individual invitations to the mailing list within the next 48 hours.

An overview of the ways we communicate with you:
1) Our blog:
2) Our Twitter account:
3) Our Wiki, mainly for Cool Tools Days:
4) Our mailing list via a Google Group (replacing the Interchange mailing list):!forum/asist-ubc

Meeting minutes, event announcements and other news will usually be posted on the blog and via the mailing list.
A brief summary and a link will be posted on Twitter.
For organizing Cool Tools Days, announcements will include a link to the content for the specific Cool Tools Days in our Wiki.
Everyone can, provided having a CWL account, can then add themselves as presenter for the Cool Tools Day.