So we bought a Raspberry Pi recently in order to make a rad RA fortune telling machine for the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire. This week a bunch of us got together in order to get everything working and installed, and hook it up to the rest of the machine.

It looks like this! It’s pretty tiny.

Installing stuff!

Stripping wires for the printer.

Screwing wires into another thing!

Stuff is happening! Wait, should this be happening?

Apparently not. We goofed up and had to reinstall the operating system.

This takes a long time. So…

We played Pirates of the Caribbean Life! It is really terrible and poorly made. But it was hilarious!

Meanwhile, Stephanie, Monica, and Eka (she took this photo) are actually doing work. Thankfully they fixed things.

We take the lid off the Pi (this took too long and too many people) and hooked up the printer. And things didn’t work.

Guess what! You have to plug in the HDMI cable for things to show up on screen. We forgot to do this multiple times. Grad school!

Oh my gosh! It’s working!!!!

Next time we’ll get our button to work, and get the software that will print the readers’ advisory information to print. Hurray!

Thanks to Eka, Stephanie, Monica, Anna, Krista/Eva, Irina, Robert, and me (Matthew).