Hard Time In Week Two

This is a letter to written to myself.

When I was seating in HA291, I felt the pressure from myself. Everyone in this room is so engaged in this kinetic and high-energy class and they can talk freely when their ideals popping up.

But, I can’t. I am an international student, who is not similar to this culture. I haven’t heard about those examples related to the western culture. And i don’t know so much about the fast-changing and complicated business world. I am just like a innocent kid seating among a group of genius and knowledgeable people.

I am absolutely overwhelmed…

After class, i went to UGO, where i poured my thoughts and depression to a very kind lady who is a senior staff there. She is really nice and patient, telling me that i need more time to pull through everything in the beginning. Don’t give myself so much pressure and pick up the confidence i used to have!

I understand that the purpose of university is to learn the things you don’t know. Although I am innocent in the beginning, but i can learn a lot from my peers,teachers and professors during this 4-year procedure. I chose to be here, to be thousands miles away from home and to start my new life in UBC. It is meant to be a great chance to change my life and myself in a good way, as long as i don’t give up and never stop trying.

In classes, even if i don’t jump in as many as some other people do, i will listen to other people’s ideas carefully and try to catch their main points as clearly as i can.I will read the articles before lectures and try to think deeper. I will encourage myself to raise up my hand and speak confidently in front of people expressing my ideas fluently, which i know will take time and efforts. BUT, I will never let go!

Have a nice day! And a bright future!