Better know a fish: Creative blog on fish biodiversity – with fun facts and stories about different fish species

Conservation Bytes: A blog dedicated to highlighting, discussing and critiquing the science of conservation that has demonstrated measurable, positive effects for global biodiversity. The goal is to stimulate scientists and anyone interested in maintaining their future to find real-world solutions to the degradation of ecosystem services supporting life on Earth.

Dot Earth: A topical blog by NY Times. The posts tend to be shorter and more superficial in their analysis, but always relevant. Please read for the Blog Assignment.

Maribo: Simon Donner is a professor in the Geography Department at the University of British Columbia who studies why the climate matters to people and the environment.   This is his blog. Many interesting posts.

On Conservation: The Project Seahorse Blog: On Conservation is a regularly updated mix of field notes, expert commentary, and miscellanea about marine conservation by the Project Seahorse team.

SeaMonster: Covers news in ocean sciences and the environment, oceans sports, the amazing plants, animals, and people that inhabit the oceans, ocean policy and conservation, and the funny, cute, crazy, scary and weird.  Focus on stories with strong visuals (both images and video).

Southern Fried Science:  Marine science, environmental science, and conservation blog by a team of scientists who love the ocean, science, conservation, philosophy, education, and outreach. Specialties are deep-sea ecology, conservation genetics, shark conservation, fisheries policy, human/environment interactions, and science communication.

Tenure, she wrote:  A collaborative blog chronicling the (misadventures) of women from undergraduate to Full Professor.

The Ocean Blog: Many interesting blog posts from the Smithsonian Natural History Museum’s Ocean Portal.