Here we will post some tools/guides for you to add to your communications toolkit.

Know your message.  Know your audience.  Keep it clear.

Explaining your research
Explaining your research: using the Message Box to communicate complex ideas

Using Social media
SciFund Voices: Using social media without blowing up your scientific career (YouTube video)

Preparing for interviews
You can find clear and comprehensive information on how to prepare for an interview at these two sites:

Creating your own blog.  It’s easy! 

Writing OpEd pieces – Informed Opinions.

“OpEd” is an abbreviation of “opposite the editorial”; the term refers to the page of a newspaper placed immediately adjacent to the page on which the paper’s unsigned editorials appear. (It’s also widely understood as meaning “opinion editorial”, or guest commentary.) A good OpEd is a concise, timely, well-supported and accessible argument.  For details see

Writing Policy Briefs

Policy briefs are aimed at government policymakers and others who are interested in formulating or influencing policy.

You can find clear and comprehensive information on how to write a policy brief at these two sites:

Science advice to governments – An emerging network of practitioners