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2021 (2020W)


2020 (2019W)

The “micro” issue with micro-plastics

EU perpetuates overfishing instead of reaching for 2020 sustainability goals

Coral Collaboration: Scientists and Fishermen Come Together to Save Deep Reefs

Protected Areas on Wheels: Mobile Marine Protected Areas for the High Seas and Beyond

A Kelp Forest Restoration Cookbook

Repulsive Red Tides Return and Ravage the Florida Coast!

Exterminate the waste

Seabass over Salmon?

The (Big) Catch

Ship happens when they’re not well managed

What’s the spill on Brazil’s oil spill?

China saying goodbye to single-use plastics. All good?

2019 (2018W)

Current Issue: Will the Ecosystem Services framework really serve the world’s oceans?

Indonesia and (IU)U

Tales of Whales: Recent Stories affecting the Southern Resident Killer Whale

Mangroves: Gone Fishing!

Sleeping With The Fishes: The European Union’s Attempt To Stop Bycatch From Walking The Plank

If You Own a Wetsuit You Might be Part of the Problem: The Role of Neoprene in Marine Conservation.

Current Issue – Are the North Atlantic Right Whales alRight?

On Fins and Needles

Ocean Acidification is Making Nemo Lose His Mind!

(Wo)mangrove Conservation in Sri Lanka

Ghost Nets… Who You Gonna Call?

Let’s Get Kraken: The Issue With Octopus Aquaculture

Don’t just straw to conclusion for plastic pollution.

Seal scapegoating in the Salish Sea


DFO NOT Hearing the Herring!
By Arvini:

The Hitch-hiker Pirates of the Sea: Invasive Species Are Reaching New Frontiers
By Charlotte:


Jellyfish are blooming and booming: where do we go from here?
by Emma:

Here comes the Chum
by Michael:

Give a big shout “Hurray!” for the new world’s largest MPA!
by Karyssa:

Hearings on Herring
by Maya:

The Pacific Chernobyl: how much oceanic radiation is there?
by Erin:

Can the Vigilantes of Marine Conservation Change Their Tack?
by Josie:

The last of the vaquita
by Brittany:

Farmed or wild, which is better?
by Sarah:

Protect More Now
by Elizabeth:

It’s not all about size, it’s how you use it- Marine Protected Areas
by Kevin:

Warmer Waters: Linked to an Increased Risk of Toxic Shellfish?
by Linnea: 

Lousy Sea Lice, potential impacts on wild and farmed salmon
by Brian:

UK’s all about that bass, ’bout that bass..and they’re in treble
by Cheryl:

Jelly Jam
by Hannah:

Cows, Pigs, and Poultry – The Leading Cause of Ocean Dead Zones?
by Gabriella:

Sharks: it’s all just a big misunderstanding
by Julia:

Head & Shoulders puts best foot forward to tackle marine plastic pollution
by Sienna:

The Ross Sea: You can look but you can’t touch
by Julie:

Kelping out our Oceans, Farm by Farm
by Cherri:

[Note There was no course in 2016 as it changed  from a Fall course in 2015 (Sept to Nov) to a Winter course (Jan to March) for 2017.]


Animal agriculture leading to Dead Zones by Daniel

BC Herring Fisheries by Virginia

Bycatch by Ruo

Clam Garden by Blaire

Climate change induced migration by Thea

Community Supported Fisheries by Sandra

Conserving Forests for Coral Reefs by Donald

Coral Bleaching by Lorraine

Deep Water Horizon Spill by Cody

Eco-labelling by Sachiko

Elasmobranch conservation by Simon-Luc

IUU Crab fishing by Brock

Kenyan shrimp farming alternative by Claire

Lionfish control by David

Marine Mammal Rescue Centre by Hilary

Ocean Plastic Pollution by Sarah

Plastic ingestion in turtles by Michelle

Quiet Sanctuaries for Marine Mammals by Tamara

Recreational fisheries control of invasives by Daphne

Salmon aquaculture by Richard

Sea star wasting syndrome by Maggie

Shark Conservation by John

Surfing Reserves by Owen

The Blob by Mark

Woodfibre LNG Plant, Howe Sound by Carl Erik


Iron fertilization by Aimee G

Kitimat supertankers by Brittany D

Climate Change Summit by Eva R

Seafood labeling by Eva H

Dolphin safe tuna by Hannah F

Iron fertilization by Ivan G

Sharks eating lionfish by James D

Climate Change Summit by Jemma T

Offshore wind energy by Jeremy M

Bottom trawling by Jospehine L

Kelp farming by Kate M.

Shark ecotourism in Palau by Kelsey W.

Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument by Liria N.

Ocean acidification by Mary K.

Dolphin safe tuna by Natasha D.

Iron fertilization by Rebecca F.

Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument by Salar A.

Gulf warming, phytoplankton by Sarina C.

Aquaculture by Shannon K.

Glass sponge reefs in Howe Sound by Steve H.

Glass sponge reef protection by Theodore B.

Mangrove destruction Tiffany N.

Longlines and albatross by Toby B.

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