Students produce a concise summary of a ocean conservation and sustainability issue, the policy options to deal with it, and some recommendations on the best option.  The policy brief is aimed at government policymakers and others who are interested in formulating or influencing policy.

[updated 5 May 2023]

2023 (2022W) Policy briefings
Benefits of ropeless fishing gear for BC whales and marine mammals
Illegal fishing is baloney when it comes to BC Abalone
Protect Pacific Herring in British Columbia
Unchartered waters: the urgent need for Canada to ban deep-sea mining
People don’t like loud noises, so why would oysters?
The tragedy of privatizing the commons – BC ITQs
False Creek Urban Marine Park
Women are key for sustainable fisheries and marine conservation
Recreational Fishing Licensing in BC: A missed educational opportunity
Eelgrass conservation: a critical consideration
Teamwork makes the Dreamwork: Collaborative management of Vancouver’s Intertidal Ecosystem
Sweeping destruction: why bottom trawling must be banned
The unrecognised, overdue rights of nature
Got ghosted? Ghost fishing is harming our oceans
Owner operator fisheries needed in BC
Open net aquaculture is not environmentally sustainable
How to handle sea level rise
Marine fish in deep water
The urgency of kelp forest maintenance and restoration in BC
To Dive or Not to Dive Ecotourism’s the Question

2021 (2020W) Policy briefings

Fishing for Feed. By Miranda Andersen

Plastic pollution: a polymer herring. By Dilraj Atwal

Paper parks fail to protect marine life. By Fiona Beaty

Is that the fish you ordered? Think again. By Michele Co

Glass sponges need further protection in Howe Sound. By Alexander Dungate

Blue hwales vs vessles. By Jennifer Fisher

Don’t let the grass grow under your feet: how e prevent lan care from harming our water. By Lauren Gill

Australian mangrove restoration. By Adalynn Mai

Make Room For Mangroves in Myanmar. By Melanie Man

The conspirasea around marine plastics. By Theresa Nguyen

Riparian buffer subsidies. By Samantha Ramirez

Coral reef restoration: viable way to respond to coral loss? By Ariel Shatsky

The wrong fish on the menu: the unintended side effects of the Palau National Marine Sanctuary. By Meg Sheline

Squid Inc: responding to the growing illegal and unreported Humboldt squid fishery in
South America. By Joshua Shepherd.

Glass sponge reefs are biting the dust. By Jade Shivak

Stop coral reef mining. By Jennifer Tang

Altering alternatives: a re-look at Alternative Livelihoods. By Nathaniel Walker

Plastic straws are not the “Last  straw”. By Kellan Woo

Strengthen coastal wastewater dumping regulations for cruise ships. By Owen Yin

Integrated multi-trophic aquaculture: a new era for aquaculture in Canada? By Megan Yu


2020 (2019W) Policy briefings

Targeted seaweed co-cultures to mitigate acidification
by Phoebe Wu

Control ballast water to prevent economic loss
by Emily Wong

Artificial reefs: a mitigation strategy to anthropogenic activity?
By Kelsey Wong

Carb! Restocking just isn’t enough
By Nuno U

Ballast water exchange and ballast treatment: a powerful duo
by Leah Marie Roldan

Dam removal: what the oceans have to say
by Polina Orlov

Free the rivers… for the sake of the ocean
by Rebecca McDonald

The trouble with transplantation
by Anna Madsen

An alternative to alternative livelihoods
by Bowen Liu

The price of coral transplantation
by Carmen Leung

We need to sea kelp!
by Angela Li

Clean-up the beaches or clean-up our act?
by Lexynn Kwan

Alternatives needed for alternative livelihood projects
By Heather Kwok

Conservation translocation
by Jihyun Kim

Are beach plastic clean-ups an effective way to combat marine plastic pollution?
by Jess Kennedy

Ranching of marine invertebrates
by Eddy Kapp

Towards a sustainable and inclusive future: Participatory monitoring of Marine Protected Areas
by Adrianne Holland

Protect and restore the UK’s seagrass beds!
by Taylor Justason

Reef enhancement units: the future of coral reefs?
by Emma Gangbar

Combating secondary spread of invasive species via domestic shipping
by Allison Fung

Participatory monitoring
by Nela Djordjevic

Can we sea ranching as an option?
by Melanie Chapman


2019 (2018W) Policy briefings

Relive pressures on BC’s herring stocks!
By Ana Pozas

How Will the Recovery of Sea Otters Impact BC’s Coastal Resources?
By Graham Brownlee

Let’s get (L’O)REAL about the sources of microplastics
By Gavin Gao

A better way to farm fish in Sechelt Inlet
By Eugenie Jacobsen

Putting your best fish forward
By Elizabeth Smith

Closing the Georgia Strait Herring Roe Fishery
By Charlotte Matthews

Caring about Herring: Sustaining Key Forage Fish
By Kaylie Higgs

No luck for Irish fish
By Kately Nikiforuk

Fight for the Bight” Big oil needs to back off
By Jasmine Keller

A Sanctuary for the Southern Residents
By Holly Fellowes

The Dangerous Route Home: another call for an end to open net-pen salmon farming
By Hanno Southam

Swindled by Seafood: Canadians need seafood products to be more traceable
By Zaynah Khan

MPA: More Protection ASAP – Ban Extractive Activities in Canada’s Marine Protected Areas
By Tamara Walton

Sustainable, Really?
By Russel Chiong

Stop Cheap Shrimp
By Arvin Bahrabadi

Oil and water don’t mix, neither should bottom trawling and EU MPA’s
By Karen Ballantyne

Banning Plastic Bags from the UBC Campus
By Pablo Madrigal

Don’t kill them with kindness: Re-evaulating marine ecotourism
By Nick Hseih

Invest in Future (Fisheries) Stock – Improving Protections for Canadian Marine Fishes
By Megan Fass

Putting the “Protected” back in Canada’s Marine Protected Areas
By Linnea Morgan

2017 Policy briefings

Ban the Boom! Seismic surveys threaten Canadian marine life
by Karyssa Arnett

Saving Big Eddy
by Hannah Avenant

Swamped with value: Recommendations for coastal wetland conservation in projects under Federal Environmental Assessment Review
by Maya Guttmann

On the Right Track: but it is Time to Fully Protect BC’s Sea of Glass
by Linnea Harder

Ban the Butts
by Brian Hendriks

Tax the Tails
by Elizabeth Herbert

Ban coral-harming sunscreen
by Francine Josephine

Mangrove Conservation In The Philippines
by Cherri Lau

Defining Protection in Canada’s Marine Protected Areas (MPAs)
by Julia Lehn

The Pawns of Thailand’s Prawn Industry
By Cheryl Liu

Ghosts of the Sea
by Kevin Matsuo

Canada’s Northern Cod Fishery Moratorium
by Brittany Ng

A place on the precipice: the Southern Strait of Georgia
by Erin Pippus

Microbead Ban: No Longer Optional
by Gabriella Schauber

Do you know what you’re eating? Immediate improvements needed to seafood product labeling in Canada.
by Siena Smith

[Note There was no course in 2016 as it changed  from a Fall course in 2015 (Sept to Nov) to a Winter course (Jan to March) for 2017.]

2015 Policy Briefings

Preventing a Pickle with Cucumbers
by Daphne Austin

Microbeads: a Macro Problem
by Maggie Bell

BC’s Herring Fishery
by Blaire Cameron

Iron Fertilization: few should not decide the fate of many when risks remain uncertain
by Claire Cameron

The Necessity of Montreal’s Untreated Sewage Discharge
by Cody Carlyle

Who Controls the Arctic?
by Peter Cheng

Humpback whales: more than just a special concern
by Sandra Emry

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes: Reviving Dead Zones
by Richard Gao

Seabed Mining: Impacts of Experimental Deep Sea Mining
by Tamara Harris

Take a Stand for Whales, not Whaling
by Mark Henry

Banning the sale of Red-Listed seafood is the green choice for Canada 
by Virginia Hermanson

Little shrimp, jumbo impact: why Canada should ban farmed shrimp imports
by Sarah Keller

Key Stakeholder in Fisheries Management neglected: Women fishers need to be considered
by Hilary Low

Look, Don’t Touch. Protecting Florida Manatees
by Lori Ludwig

Mercury: An Industrial Meal
by Donny Mackintosh

Open-Ocean Net-Cage Salmon Farming in BC
by Daniel Millerd

Turning Down the Volume on Growing Ocean Noise
by Simon-Luc Noel

Horrors at Sea: Calling on the Thai Government to take immediate action against the Human Trafficking crisis
by Sachiko Ouchi

Plastically speaking
by Thea Rachinski

Defusing the Territorial Dispute in the Spratly Islands
by John Shannon

Yes or No to GMO: should Canada be involved?
by Brock Staller

‘Whale’ You Turn That Down?! Noise Pollution and BC’s Southern Resident Killer Whales 
by Michelle Stevens

Canada-Wide Adoption of the Seafood Watch Program’s Seafood Recommendation Labels
by Erik Toren

2014 Policy Briefings

Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing
by Theodore Back

Deep sea mining: an ocean odyssey we need to take?
by Toby Buttress

No sewage treatment is unacceptable
by Eva Chu

Sink or swim
by Sarina Clay-Smith

Bad Habits, Bad Habitats Canada’s weakened Fisheries Act fails to protect marine species
by Brittany Derrick

Keep British Columbia Beautiful. Pipe Up Against Enbridge
by Natasha Dudley

Shark Finning in Thailand: You can’t afford NOT to stop! 
by Jake Dytnerski

Don’t use the Ocean as a toilet
by Salar Fazeli

LNG on Lelu Island?
by Hannah Fiegenbaum

Would you poop in this harbor?
by Rebecca Fiorito

Fishing with poison: cyanide fishing in the Philippines
by Ivan Gill

Atlantic Bluefin Tuna: This is Your Next Move
by Aimee Guile

Shifting from Atlantic salmon aquaculture to Arctic Char closed-loop farming
by Steve Healy

Mercury is swimming on your plate
by Mary Kassis

Harmful: Cruise ship sewage disposal
by Shannon Keffe

Competition with Whales: A Myth
by Josephine Ling

Reduce pressure on threatened trophy fish through policy change
by Jeremy Mayer

Pipe up for the BC coast
by Kate McGivney

Fight from the Coastlines Front Line
by Liria Nair

Say NO to Shrimp Slavery in Thailand
by Tiffany Nam

Shark Finning: A social science approach that works
by Eva Regehr

Protecting Caribbean Coral Reefs
by Manreet Sangha

Prevent Arctic oil spills: dangerous and destructive
by Jemma Titheridge

Let’s Ban Plastic Bags!
by Kelsey Webb


2013 Policy Briefings (links to pdf)

Save the Reefs in the Philippines… Save their Souls
by Bernard Lee

Stopping Captive Dolphins from Performing in Aquariums!
by BingLu Zhang

“Big Eddy” – The Juan de Fuca Eddy Ecosystem. 
by Cassandra Girdlestone

Ocean Acidification: The Importance of a Proactive Management Plan for Canadian Fisheries. 
by Chris Ketcheson

What’s for dinner? Lionfish! How eating lionfish can help coral reefs.
by Courtney Graham

For the Love of Humans, Fish and Biodiversity
by Emma Jackson

Closed System Aquaculture: the future of sustainable salmon farms 
by Erica Hunter

Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture in Canada 
by Jarred Cacnio

Equality Among All Fish 
by Jennifer Sun

Marine Parks: No-Take Marine Protected Area’s In Canada 
by Kalie McGratten

Why should we incorporate traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) from the B.C.’s First Nations peoples in regulations and licensing requirements for salmon farms in British Columbia? 
by Katelyn Dick

Womens’ roles in fisheries: Changes to improve their futures
by Kristen Walters

Marine Debris: Taking Back What is Ours 
by Logan Makaroff

Who is Canada’s Species At Risk Act Protecting? Necessary Amendments to the SARA 
by Megan Eadie

Vegetarian Fish: Dietary Phytase: A potential solution to reducing the costs and pollution associated with aquaculture 
by Megan Webster

To Dredge or Not to Dredge?
by Melanie Ang

Shifting Gears in Pacific Fisheries
by Piper-Lynn Brady

Bottom Trawling has no place in a Sustainable Ocean
by Reed Lannan

Sea Waste Disposal: Cause For Concern
by Shari Mang

Renovating Fishing Policy to Prevent Potential Fishery Collapse
by Takuhiro Someya

Too Valuable to Protect: Socioeconomic Factors Hinder Listing of Marine Species Under SARA
by Vivian Hui