Appointment – Botany

In the Botany department, Kathy Nomme will assign TAs to courses. The TA assignments for both September and January will be determined in the summer. In April, the Graduate Secretary, Veronica Oxtoby, will circulate a list of TA vacancies for September and January. Graduate students will “apply” for these positions by completing an application form indicating which courses they would prefer to TA and emailing the application to Kathy. Late applications will only be considered as they are needed.

TAs are assigned according to a priority ranking in the following order:
1. Eligible on-going students in the Botany Department without other means of financial support
2. Botany students with scholarships or those who have finished their allocation
3. Grad students from other departments with Botany supervisors
4. Zoology grad students
5. Microbiology grad students
6. Other suitable UBC grad students

New graduate students are assigned based on the information in their application and a required summary of teaching experience. Incoming students may not get a TAship in their first term, but once assigned, the TA support will be on-going unless they get a scholarship or other offer of funding or their performance is deemed unsatisfactory. TA support is offered for 2 years for M.Sc. students and 4 years for Ph.D. students.

Every effort is made to accommodate requests. In addition to the above criteria assignments are made according to your academic background and indicated preference. However, ultimately, undergraduate education is the prime consideration. Kathy will circulate preliminary TA assignments that you are requested to check that you are capable and able to TA the course you to which you have been assigned. If you have concerns with your assignment, or you would like to experience another course, please let Kathy know. Once you have confirmed your acceptance, your appointment form will be processed.

Once students have been informed of their TA assignment, they should contact the course instructor as soon as possible to determine their duties and teaching schedule. It is your responsibility to contact the supervisor in charge of your class before classes begin, if they have not already contacted you.