Facilitator Roles

Each group member is the expert of their own experience.

A facilitator draws out knowledge and insight from group members. A facilitator will use different skills, tools, exercises and natural abilities to keep a group discussion moving smoothly.

In general, facilitators have three responsibilities:

  • making sure that everyone has a chance to have their ideas and feelings expressed.
  • keeping the discussion moving in a direction that produces a product without rushing the group (the product may be a decision, a plan, a proposal, or a brainstorm).
  • maintaining a safe and respectful group environment where the group takes defines and takes ownership of what safety and respect means to them.

In a group that is being facilitated well, each group member is:

  • the expert of their own experience
  • equal in status to all the other group participants and the facilitator.

Such shared responsibility creates a wonderful flow of ideas and experiences among the group members.