Appointment – Zoology

In the Zoology department, applications for TAship positions should be submitted by the April 30 deadline, and are awarded to suitable applicants in the following order:

1. New students and preferred status (CUPE 2278 designation)
2. Zoology M.Sc. students with NSERC scholarships
3. Zoology students beyond preference time limit
4. Zoology-associated students (with zoology supervisor) who have TA’d before
5. Zoology M.Sc. student with UGF
6. Zoology Ph.D. with UGF
7. Non-zoology student, TA’d the previous year, applied by April 30 deadline
8. Zoology students with any scholarship over 21K (Killam, NSF)
9. Non zoology students, with zoology supervisor, did not TA before
10. Non zoology students, not TA’d before, applied by April 30
11. Non zoology students, applied after April 30

In the late summer, prospective TAs will be assigned to each course. The Graduate Secretary, Alice Liou, will then inform students of their job offers by email, and students will have 10 days to either accept or decline the offer. Once they have accepted an offer, students should contact the course instructor to determine their duties and teaching schedule. Students should contact Alice immediately if there are any scheduling conflicts between their teaching duties and their own course work.

TA support is guaranteed for 2 years for M.Sc. students and 4 years for Ph.D. students, unless students receive a scholarship or other offer of funding, or if their teaching performance is deemed unsatisfactory.