TAs are evaluated on their teaching by their students, at the end of term, and also often by their teaching faculty supervisor. Soon, however, these evaluations will be done online instead. In Zoology, a TA evaluation by the course instructor may or may not occur depending on the course and supervisor. In Botany, many supervisors give their own evaluation, often midterm.

These evaluations, both from the students and from your supervisor, form part of your permanent record. If a TA has had an unsatisfactory evaluation, either from students or faculty, they must be notified in writing and given a chance to improve their performance. If performance does not improve, they may be taken off the TA list and will no longer be eligible for TA support.

First year Biology courses have a faculty evaluation of the TA, with the following criteria:

5- outstanding
4- good
3- acceptable
2- needs improvement
1- unacceptable

A written explanation is necessary for any evaluations of 1 or 2. If a TA receives a 1 on his or her evaluation, and improvement has not occurred by the next evaluation, this is considered grounds for non-renewal of the TAship.

TAs are assessed for:


  • Punctuality
  • Record keeping
    • Attendance
    • Prep sessions
  • Labs
  • Following instructions
  • Lab setup/cleanup
  • Grading


  • Pre-lab prep
  • Organization
  • Clarity
  • Attitude towards students
  • Enthusiasm
  • Industry
  • Accessibility


  • Positive attitude toward the lab program and its staff
  • Professional attitude and behaviour

Comments on each of these sections may be included, and an overall evaluation from 1-5 is calculated and recorded. These evaluations become part of your permanent record.