UBC Equity office

The Equity and Inclusion office is committed to ensuring that UBC is a community in which human rights are respected and equity and diversity are integral to university life. The office works to uphold two University policies:
– Employment Equity (Policy #2)
– Discrimination and Harassment (Policy #3)
Taken from http://equity.ubc.ca/

The 13 Grounds of Prohibited Discrimination
Discriminating on any of the following 13 grounds, which the B.C. Human Rights Code declares prohibited grounds of discrimination, violates both the Human Rights Code and UBC’s Policy on Discrimination and Harassment.
• Age
• Ancestry
• Colour
• Family Status
• Marital Status
• Physical and Mental Disability
• Place of Origin
• Political Belief
• Race
• Religion
• Sex (including gender and pregnancy)
• Sexual orientation
• Unrelated criminal conviction

Harassment is unwanted and unwelcome attention from a person who knows, or ought to know, that the behaviour is unwelcome. Harassment can range from written or spoken comments to unwanted jokes, gifts, and physical assault, and may be accompanied by threats or promises regarding work or study opportunities and conditions. Harassment can be either a single incident or a series of related incidents.
Taken from http://equity.ubc.ca/discrimination/#13

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