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Calling DIBS Ep 8: Perspectives from a BI Academic, Consultant, Client, and Practitioner

Christine Kormos compares and contrasts various BI roles in academia, consulting, and government […]

Listen to Episode 8: “Perspectives from a BI Academic, Consultant, Client, and Practitioner” with Christine Kormos, Senior Behavioural Scientist with the BC Behavioural Insights Group (BC BIG).
(39 minutes; posted Oct. 22, 2020)

Christine Kormos may very well be the most well-rounded BI practitioner in BC! Christine started her career as an academic pursuing a PhD in psychology and is now a behavioural scientist with BC BIG. Along the way, she’s worked as a BI consultant and as a BI project client. Christine shares the inside scoop as she compares and contrasts the various roles and their approaches to BI.

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