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Calling DIBS Ep 57: Designing Meaningful, Novel, & Impactful Research

Emily Cardon & Stephanie Wilcoxen share why it’s important that research questions drive research design, rather than vice versa […]

Listen to Episode 57: “Designing Meaningful, Novel, & Impactful Research” with Emily Cardon, Principal Advisor & Head of Research for BIT Americas, & Stephanie Wilcoxen, Senior Research Advisor, BIT
(44 minutes; posted Mar. 8, 2023)

As researchers at BIT, Emily Cardon & Stephanie Wilcoxen know their way around the collaborative puzzle that is research design. Together we talk through the who, what, why, and how of research design, with a focus on the particular challenges and opportunities of field or “real world” research. Among the many insights they share, Stephanie and Emily highlight the importance of the research questions leading the design, rather than vice versa.

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