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Resource: NSW Sludge Toolkit

The folks at the NSW Behavioural Insights Unit have created a number of guides to support projects attempting to reduce friction […]

The folks at the New South Wales Behavioural Insights Unit have created a toolkit for fighting sludge. Here’s more from them:

What is sludge? Sludge is excessive or unjustified friction that makes it harder for customers to achieve their goals. It impacts customer satisfaction, trust and access to services. It also prevents us from fulfilling the NSW Customer Commitments

By removing sludge, you can make your government services easier to access and use. You can help your customers achieve their goals and make your services more fair and inclusive. 

The sludge toolkit helps map different types of sludge and includes guides for reducing sludge on websites, in communications, in forms, in person, in apps, and more.

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