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Bescy Re-Launch Event (Feb 14)

Bescy is the new name for the Action Design Network, a global network of applied behavioural science folks, that is also publishing a new book and welcoming new leadership […]

Bescy, short for “Behavioral Science + You”, is the new name of the Action Design Network:

Bescy also has three other exciting anouncements:

  • Bescy is having a global re-launch event on Wed., Feb. 14 at 6am Pacific.
  • Bescy is welcoming two new co-presidents, Ammaarah Martinus and Christopher Nave, to continue promoting applied behavioural science in the global south and global north!
  • Bescy is publishing a new book, Behavioral Science for Development: Insights and Strategies for Global Impact, which covers how behavioral science can be applied in international development.

Here’s more from the Bescy team:

Bescy – short for “Behavioral Science + You” – resonates with our core values of behavioral science and community, symbolizing a fresh, dynamic approach to bringing people together to learn, share, and apply behavioral science in meaningful ways.

Why the Change?
For over a decade, the Action Design Network has promoted behavioral science and design through meetups across 15 cities, a conference series, podcast, and books. We’re growing along with the community.

We’re still an all-volunteer network of people who believe in ethical behavioral science. We’re still holding engaging regional events to help people learn about and apply this craft. What’s different is that we’re turning our attention outwards.

We are increasingly promoting ethical, rigorous applied behavioral science in new areas, and helping people outside of our community to understand what we do, engage with applied BeSci, and do more with BeSci in their lives. This includes our new book (focusing on the international development community), our WhatsApp community (for the general public) and our new special interest groups. And there’s much more to come. 

As we expand our efforts, we wanted a name that better aligns with what we do. “Action Design” was a term used to discuss closing the intention-action gap in human behavior; it’s out of date, and doesn’t reflect what our group has truly become: an international non-profit organization focused on promoting applied behavioral science. Hence our new name and identity.

What This Means for You
As Bescy, we’ll continue to offer the same valuable content and opportunities for collaboration that you’ve enjoyed. Our meetups, discussions, and collaborative projects will go on as usual, but with a renewed focus under our new brand. You’ll start seeing the new name and logo in our upcoming communications, social media platforms, and at our events.

Our dedication to creating opportunities professionals from various fields and various geographies can come together to learn and apply behavioral science remains steadfast. Bescy will continue to be a hub for innovation, learning, and positive change.

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