Collecting Artifacts


An initial major task of portfolio development is the gathering and sorting of artifacts.

Artifacts are any ‘things’ or objects that can be used to illustrate or demonstrate a point or argument or concept. In an efolio, artifacts represent or symbolize what you know or can do. For example, you may use a copy of your teaching philosophy written the first week of September and written 8 months later to demonstrate your growth in understanding of (for example) child centered learning.

Examples of artifacts that teacher candidates may include in their efolio are:

    • philosophy of education
    • biographical information
    • sample lessons
    • handouts
    • units
    • curriculum
    • courses
    • essays
    • photos, videos, images

To upload these artifacts, View instructions to ‘Add Media’

You can further generate a list of potential artifacts by asking yourself:

      • What evidence/artifacts will demonstrate what you know, what you can do and what are your values?
      • What experiences support your stance?

Remember to Think of evidence in broad terms and thus you can collect artifacts from your:

      • coursework,
      • practicum,
      • undergraduate accomplishments,
      • co-curricular experiences, and
      • personal life experiences.

Finally, all of this can help to represent who you are.

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