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Google Motion: April Fool’s Joke?!(10- comment on classmate’s))

April 1st, 2011 by Claudia Chung

I was reading my classmate Jacqueline Lee’s blog post and came across something really interesting.

In Jacki’s article, she talked about google’s new innovation “Gmail Motion.” As Jacki said in her post “With “simple intuitive action” you can now check your email without old-school technologies such as the keyboard and mouse! It’s like a practical Xbox Kinect console!”

YouTube Preview Image

While I was watching this video, I couldn’t help but laugh at how silly the demonstration looks. Google is so CREATIVE for coming up with this idea. The image of someone doing these actions in the library popped into my head. I would burst out laughing if I saw someone doing this in a public place. In my honest opinion, although I find this innovation very interesting, I most likely wouldn’t use Gmail Motion. It seems that going through the trouble of memorizing the actions and acting them out would in turn take more time than just clicking buttons and typing out words.

This video went VIRAL on the internet. Little did we know… this was Google’s April Fool’s joke for the year. Yes, very clever and convincing!! Although Gmail Motion is said to be only a joke, I do see the possibility of it becoming real in the future. Maybe Google is trying to test the market’s reaction of this innovation and collect feedback!

Nonetheless, I found the video very entertaining to watch. Just the image of people jumping around and doing these actions in a room is enough to make me laugh. I would be too embarrassed to do this in front of others. PROPS to Google for coming up with such an idea!

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