The UBC Coastal Adaptation Lab is always looking forĀ  graduate students interested in research related to the following topics:

  • Novel planning, design, and policy frameworks related to the implementation of coastal adaptation strategies;
  • Design research, public knowledge sharing, and facilitating transdisciplinary conversation around coastal adaptation;
  • Design and implementation strategies of nature-based solutions;
  • Scenario planning in the context of coastal adaptation;
  • Mapping, modeling and visualizing coastal risks and vulnerabilities;
  • Flood-resilient buildings, parks, neighborhoods, and cities;
  • Coastal food security, including novel practices of mariculture and aquaculture;
  • Indigenous knowledge and practices related to coastal change and adaptation;
  • Coastal ecosystem regeneration through sediment management, including the beneficial reuse of dredged sediments.

UBC degrees supported (for prospective graduate students only):


> Please contact Kees Lokman for more information




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