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Peanut allergy

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There are different types of food or substances that create allergies in humans. One of the most common allergies is peanut allergy.                                                                                                                   

According to, peanut allergy is the allergy which is common among adults and kids, but it usually occurs in children under 3 years old. This kind of the allergy has 80-90% of symptoms are related to skin, for example, skin rash and itching ;despite of that it has some severe symptoms; it affects the respiratory system, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular system; therefore, it might be fatal.

In order for doctors to diagnose patients with peanut allergy, there is a test called skin prick test (SPT). However, if the result is positive, it does not mean that you have peanut allergy and doctors need to take a blood test (peanut specific lgE levels) to make sure that it is peanut allergy.

Good news is that recently, scientists find a cure for this allergy that might save people’s life. In this study, scientists achieve that probiotic treatments will have a positive effect on people who diagnosed with peanut allergy and in the most cases it will protect people from having this allergy reactions.

 Same study shows that probiotics and peanut allergies have negative correlation. Probiotic is a type of bacteria that is beneficial for our health. It will make our immune system strong and has positive effect on our gastrointestinal system and therefore, probiotic treatment is most likely to prevent people from food allergies and more specifically peanut allergies.

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To conclude, if you have already diagnosed with peanut allergy or your kid has this kind of allergy ,instead of being worried about the reactions of your kids to peanuts put probiotics in their daily diet; by using probiotics not only you will save them from fatal reactions to peanuts but also you will make their immune system stronger and therefore, more protective to other diseases. 

Sogand Goharpey