During (or possibly before) the pandemic, fren Mario got an e-bike. A long time ago in a land far away (there lived a pineapple princess tiki), I considered e-bikes as a commuting option to UBC given the tedious uphill climb on 8th near Alma. I test rode one, liked it but didn’t think much of it.

Come 2020, Mario introduced me to his e-bike modified with a Grin Technologies kit. A variety of motivations intersected to push me over the edge and electrify my bike as well.

  • The coronavirus pandemic (I’d try avoid public transit whenever I could)
  • A better way to get around than cars
    • Economical
    • Healthier
  • An existing desire to do tech-y engineering-y things that moved away from my background of being the ‘sensing’ guy to ‘doing’ things
    • I’d taken a couple of woodworking classes at Yaletown roundhouse
    • Built raised planter beds w/ Iva
    • Coming up on year 3 of ceramics at UBC
    • Joined the hackspace to regain access to the laser cutter
    • Learnt sewing and welding at VHS

Due to the aforementioned motivations, I got a Grin ready to roll kit with the eZee motor that was a lot of fun to put together and use. The motor controller, the motor w/ laced wheel, the battery and the cycle analyst were all modular components that I could upgrade and replace at any time. So far, the kit has served me extremely well.

The more I learn about grin, the more excited I am that an organization at the very cutting edge of electric personal mobility is based in Vancouver.