Hey there.

I live and work on these traditional, unceded, ancestral territories of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh also known as Vancouver. My family and I hail from the Godavari delta in India.

A 2017 iteration of this page lives here. Think of it as my changelog over the past 4 years.

Worker member at Brave Technology Cooperative

Brave is a multi-stakeholder cooperative that aims to reduce and eliminate opioid overdose fatalities. I am a worker member at the cooperative, having continued on from my work on opioid overdose detection while I was a graduate student at UBC.


Over time, I have realized and tried to embrace my desire and need to make things.

I make wheel-thrown ceramics at the UBC Pottery Club l that I post about at my ceramics page on Instagram. I am inspired by the works of Jono Smart, Florian Gadsby and Adam Frew.

I am a member of the Vancouver Hack Space. This amazing volunteer-run community space has facilities to do laser cutting, sewing, electronics, 3D printing, molding, wood working, CNC machining and welding. More importantly, it has extremely lovely, patient folks that are always open to answering your questions and helping you learn. I currently make and break physical objects at this place.


I like to cook, both for myself and for others.

Currently in the food orbit of Samin Nosrat (Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat) as well as Sohla El-Waylly (a certified genius). They direct me to other great resources such as Stella Parks of Bravetart, and Nik Sharma.

I also believe that good ingredients lead to a good product.

Having made raised planter beds during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, I am trying to be a summer vegetable gardener. Due to a late start to the season, the 2020 harvest was underwhelming and resulted in only a few Tomatillos and a couple Zucchinis. Please stay tuned for 2021 updates here. I am educating myself on Black and Indigenous food sovereignty efforts and projects and looking to support them and learn from them soon.

Amazing folks like Sana @ Diaspora Co, Garima Arora @ foodforwardindia and Thomas Zacharias formerly of the Bombay Canteen have reignited my interest and exposure around hyper-local farm produce from various parts of India. My greatful thanks to them.


My current coffee routine comprises of a V60 pour over with a nice gooseneck kettle(I’ve got my eye on a Stagg tho). I recently got a Baratza Encore grinder in large part due to its affordability and repair-ability after the Bodum Bistro suffered from a broken plastic gear that could not be replaced.

I currently get my coffee from Laura and Nate at Luna Coffee. I have previously gotten my coffee from Blue Tokai Coffee roasters and I think Subko is doing a great job with coffee from Meghalaya and I would love to try some when I go back home.

Racquets person

As a member of the Vancouver Racquets Club, I usually play Squash with a reconstructed ACL. Owing to physical distancing requirements due to COVID-19 I currently only play singles Badminton. I can hold my own at Tennis as well as Table Tennis and I am currently looking to learn to play pickleball. The games at Queen Elizabeth Park look extremely fun.