Teaching Development Workshops

Instructional Skills Workshops (ISW), December 2013 to present

I engage 130+ graduate students and faculty members (ten 24-hour workshops) through co-facilitation, with goals to challenge participants to experiment with different teaching methodologies, to recognize their strengths and capacities as instructors, and to empower them in becoming effective scholarly practitioners.

Traditionally, the 3-day (24-hour) ISWs are taught in person. Guided by participant feedbacks, UBC spearheaded the implementation of flexible learning to model continual program improvement using pedagogically-informed strategies. I was instrumental during the pilot-phase and the actual adaptation, through creation of participatory online modules that would be well aligned with in-person sessions, of supplementary documents for participants to navigate the flexible/blended learning spaces, and of participant feedback surveys regarding their flexible learning experiences.

Creating Inclusive Classrooms: Universal Design for Learning, September 2017

I co-design and co-facilitated professional development workshops for graduate students to introduce a research-based framework for teaching assistants to reflect on their teaching intentions, to explore and engage in the design process of how to create and sustain inclusivity in the classroom and leverage diversity to enhance student learning.

Inclusive Teaching Strategies: Fostering inclusive learning in diverse classroomsApril 2016

I co-designed and co-facilitated a 90-minute professional development workshop for faculty and staff, who are committed to ensuring open discourse around diversity and to enhancing student learning experiences. Through structured activities and rich discussions, we explored our hidden assumptions and unconscious bias embedded in our teaching practices, acknowledged the limitations of our teaching contexts and evolving experiences, as well as grappled with the boundaries of our role as instructors in supporting the diversity of learners.

Departmental TA Training Workshops, 2013 – 2017

Developed and delivered discipline-specific lesson plans for departmental TA Training Workshops on various topics (e.g., lesson planning, assessments, effective discussions, diversity, etc.)

Facilitator Training Workshops

Institute Facilitator Development Workshop Series, April, July 2018

The Institute Facilitators volunteer their valuable time, experiences, and expertise to support the professional development of Institute participants; however, there was no professional development opportunities for the Institute Facilitators.

To bridge this gap, I developed Facilitator Development Workshop for our Institute Facilitators prior to every Institute, as a token of thanks to our generous Institute Facilitators for their involvement and commitment to the UBC teaching and learning community. Additionally, this workshop served as a forum to build a community of facilitators through knowledge sharing and to creates opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations beyond the Institutes.

For lesson plans, please visit the Facilitation Development section under Resources.

Facilitator Development Workshops (FDW), December 2014 and 2017

The core of the workshop involves participants delivering lessons and facilitating the feedback cycle for the instructor. In particular, the facilitation involves discussion with the instructor to inspire self-reflection as well as facilitation of group feedback sessions following the lesson.

I co-trained 36 participants to become competent ISW facilitators who are reflective in their ongoing commitments to create learning environments that engage participants’ metacognition and confident in supporting others in becoming effective instructors.

Peer Review of Teaching Workshops

Peer Review of Teaching Workshops, February 2015 and October 2016

The peer review of teaching workshop (3.5-hour) aims to provide a structured framework for graduate students and instructors to engage in reflective practice. I co-trained 40 participants through the use of role plays; where the reviewee engages in critical reflection and articulates focused teaching areas for review while the peer reviewer provides formative, constructive feedback to the reviewed party. Additionally, I provide cross-faculty formative peer review for fellow graduate student teaching at request (e.g., lectures, tutorials, lesson plans).

Other Workshops

3-Minute Thesis (3MT) Workshop, 2016

Designed and facilitated a 3-Minute Thesis (3MT) workshop series to support 10 graduate students in synthesizing, refining, and practicing their 3MT pitch, resulting in one participant winning the silver prize at the 2016 campus-wide competition.

Centre for Blood Research (CBR) Editing and Scientific Writing Workshops, December 2015-2017

Created and facilitated an editing workshop to define the scope and orient of the knowledge translation (KT) committee editorial board and to generate tangible guidelines to ensure consistency and quality of articles published online at CBR News. The Science Writing Workshop aimed to establish KT committee standards and expectations and to provide tools for members to critically review and revise their peers’ and/or their own writing.

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Last Updated: July 26, 2018

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