In addition to my educational developer role, I also instruct occasionally.

University of British Columbia

Co-Instructor of the Vancouver Summer Program, Summer 2016 & 2017

In collaboration with Dr. Amanda J. Bradley, we co-designed the course curriculum, tailored to international students from diverse (cultural and disciplinary) backgrounds, with inclusion of a hematological laboratory session, a presentation workshop, and site visits to Pathology Education Centre and Canadian Blood Services NetCAD facilities. We created numerous opportunities for peer-teaching and -learning through small group discussions, student team presentations, and use of two-stage quizzes and final exam. We evaluated student learning and integration of knowledge through the development of well-aligned formative and summative assessments.

Immunopathology, Winter 2015, 2016, & 2018

I developed and instructed three 50-minute participatory lessons in introductory immunopathology for students from diverse academic backgrounds (BMLSc and PharmD), with ample formative feedback to support their ongoing learning.

Columbia College

Introductory Biochemistry, Winter 2016

I designed and instructed two 90-minute lessons in introductory biochemistry for English as Additional Language students, incorporating low-risk active learning activities to encourage participation and engagement with course content.

Vancouver Crisis Centre

Basic Distress Services Volunteer Trainng, February 2015 – April 201

I co-facilitated Basic Distress Services Volunteer Training (6 cycles per year) to support volunteers’ ability to connect with clients, to explore clients’ existing or potential support/coping strategies, and to integrate risk-assessment skills in short term crisis management and suicide prevention. I also assisted with Training Development Projects to shift training delivery to and shift away from procedural/didactic learning and to incorporate more experiential learning opportunities, with goals to better support learner needs and ultimately to improve service delivery.

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