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Components of social participation

2011 July 18
by doyin25

As I mentioned in my last blog on Affordance: YouTube and VoiceThread, that “some people prefer audio/visual to textual communication,” I think l am one of such people. I learn better with graphics information, and slide 14 of articipation serves perfectly well for me to appreciate the components of participation in social media.

I considered this slide with respect to a ladder and have two thought to share. First, I think some might set their highest level on the ladder not as Creators, but as Critics, Collectors, or Spectators. Secondly, I wondered if one should necessarily start participation as a spectator, but I concluded that it is possible to start at any of the levels.

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  1. Dean permalink
    July 19, 2011

    And you’ll notice that the very act of writing this post positions you as ‘creator’.

    How does it feel to participate so fully in the discourse? 🙂


    • July 19, 2011

      It is good to be a creator, I agree. I actually participate more as ‘spectator’ and ‘critic’ after posting information on the social media.

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