The EDST blog has a number of aims:

1. To build community among members of the department;

2. To provide a space for dialogue on topics related to research, teaching, and other areas of general interest;

3. To practice communicating in new ways (e.g., ‘Op Ed’ style article, video or other creative media);

4. To encourage our engagement as public intellectuals.

For EDST Blog Contributors:

The blog is intended to foster open, safe environments and spaces for people to voice their opinions and ideas. Contributions from departmental members should respect departmental values of inclusion, anti-racism, support for Indigenous educational advancement and decolonization, and integrity in our relationships.

Meet the Team:

Blog Editor


Jessica Lussier is a PhD student in EDST. Her research interests include: more than human ethics, environmental education and pedagogical relations. Formerly, she was an elementary school teacher in The Pacific Northwest. When not in schools, Jessica can be found backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail, perusing thrift stores, and tending to her houseplants.


Editorial Board


Silas Krabbe is a PhD student in EDST working within the philosophy of education. His research attempts to understand unintended cognitive violence between the educator and educatee, through the lenses of race, phenomenology, and theology. When off campus, you probably won’t find him; he’ll be out skiing or sailing with his wife and daughter.



Yotam Ronen is a PhD candidate at EDST. His research focuses on how radical educators during the early 20th century used education to realize their ideology of a free, egalitarian, and cooperative utopian society. He is also a bass player, currently playing live all over Vancouver with the Sam Rocha Trio, and bakes way too much bread.