The EDST blogsite has a number of aims:

  1. To build community among members of the department during a time of social distancing;
  2. To provide a space for dialogue on topics related to research, teaching, and other areas of general interest;
  3. To practice communicating in new ways (e.g., ‘Op Ed’ style article, video or other creative media); and
  4. To encourage our engagement as public intellectuals.


For EDST Blogsite Contributors

The blogsite is intended to foster open, safe environments and spaces for people to voice their opinions and ideas. Contributions to the blogsite from departmental members should respect departmental values of inclusion, anti-racism, support for Indigenous educational advancement and decolonization, and integrity in our relationships.

Meet the Team


Gabriella Maestrini, Content Curator

My research focuses on the pedagogical, epistemological and post-disaster possibilities of humor expressed through cartoons, memes, stand-up comedy and found street humor. Through poetic writing and photography I express my data and the world around me. Website:

Neil Bassan, Content Curator

My academic writing draws primarily from educational philosophy, but also philosophical anthropology, the intersection of film- and communication-studies, and most generally the humanities, to consider questions such as what it means for us to communicate, what the crisis in education amounts to, and what this means for the education of the person. I work in Adult Education, in the humanities, as an instructional assistant.

Olabanji Onipede, Outreach and Media Coordinator

Olabanji Onipede’s academic interests are in areas of refugee protection and the rights to education. Having volunteered on a community development group dealing with forced migrants and mass literacy, he followed up his endeavours with a LLM in Peace Operations, Humanitarian Law and Conflict at the Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUIG. He is currently a Master of Arts student in Educational Studies.

Blessing Onuigbo, Outreach and Media Coordinator

Blessing Onuigbo is currently in her second year of Master of arts in Educational studies, with a concentration in Educational Administration and Leadership and serves as a graduate research assistant in the department.She has very specific interest in educational policy studies and leadership because she wants to garner knowledge to impact her home country Nigeria, in the education sector eventually. Blessing has a long-term goal of teaching in higher education and so intends to pursue a Ph.D after her current master’s program.

At the moment, she is working on a proposal that has to deal with strategies to curb corruption in Nigerian universities.