Posts from EDST 507D With Mona Gleason

In this series...This series of student posts come from the course “Topics in the History of Education: Histories Confronting White Supremacy,” led by Professor Mona Gleason.

  • EDST507D delves into colonialization, racism, and systemic oppression, exploring how historical understanding shapes our world today.
  • Students collaborated to craft blog posts where they explore themes related to course topics and share their insights with the larger EDST audience.


Post from 507D Series


Co-authored by Aneet Kahlon, Erin Villaronga Mulligan, and Mark McLean, this blog post discusses the complexities of historical narratives surrounding education and white supremacy. 


Drawing insights from the work of Michael Marker and other course readings, the authors reflect on topics like colonial borders, Indigenous experiences, and educational structures.

Post from 507D Series



In this blog post, Lidia Jendzjowsky and Serena Pattar explore how “tropes” in social studies textbooks shape Canadian history.


They discuss how these tropes perpetuate white supremacy and colonialist narratives, while also highlighting recent curriculum shifts towards more inclusive perspectives, encouraging critical thinking, and addressing the impact of colonization on Indigenous and marginalized communities.



In this blog post, Ruchika Bathla, Marc-André Fortin, and Phoebe Lee examine James Bruce, 8th Earl of Elgin’s impact on political institutions in Canada, China, and India.


The authors analyze Elgin’s writings, revealing British colonialist and supremacist views and examine his role in shaping Canadian, Chinese, and Indian histories.