EDST faculty are warmly invited to include the EDST blog in their syllabi.

Example Course Assignments:

Blog Post Writing Assignment

Consider using the “blog post” format (typically 500-1,000 words) as an assignment for students to write on a particular educational issue, author or other course topic. Students may choose to submit their posts for publication on the blog. This recent post by Yotam Ronen is a great example of academic blogging to share with students.

Integrating Multimedia

Students can share multimedia pieces (videos, animation, photography and other art forms) from course work. This post from Jessica Lussier is an example of integrating photography within the blog format.

Student Reflections

The blog is a perfect space for students to write about EDST student life. Instructors can:

  • Ask students to summarize course learnings in a blog post assignment.

  • Assign an “Op-Ed” style piece where students discuss university life, student issues, or other educational topics. For an example Op-Ed, see this article from EDST’s Jason Ellis.

  • Invite students to reflect on a course presentation, lecture, or other content — For example: in this post Gabriella Maestrini reflects on a workshop she gave at this year’s EDST Research Day.

Group Project: Blog Series Proposal

In this assignment, groups will propose a blog post series on an educational issue or topic from the course. Group proposals may include:

      • An abstract
      • A series outline (including topics for each blog post)
      • A reference list for the blog posts

For an example of a blog series, check out “Against Normalcy” by professor Alison Taylor.

Groups interested in pursuing their blog series can work the blog editor for publishing the final product.


Questions or ideas about the blog and EDST courses?

Reach out to blog editor, Jessica Lussier.


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