This is the course site for Isabeau Iqbal’s section of “Education, Knowledge and Curriculum” (EDST 403), a course taught within the Bachelor of Education at the University of British Columbia.

EDST 403 explores ways that ideas about curriculum and pedagogy are connected to ideas about knowledge and truth. It is a 6-week course that is mandatory for all teacher candidates.  Though the course is philosophical in nature, I include as many opportunities as possible to link the content to your practice.  See here if you wish to read my teaching philosophy statement.

Course Instructor

Isabeau Iqbal, PhD
Sessional Instructor, EDST 403 (Education, Knowledge and Curriculum)
University of British Columbia

Website: isabeauiqbal.ca
Twitter: @isabeauiqbal
Email: isabeau (dot) iqbal (at) ubc (dot) ca

Isabeau’s office hours:
By appointment. I am happy to meet with you in person or talk by phone. Please email me at isabeau.iqbal@ubc.ca or call my office at 604-827-0648 to set up an appointment.

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