Design your own

Due between January 30-February 8, 2017

This is an opportunity for you to design your own assignment.  Please note:

  • The assignment must draw from course and be relevant to course objectives.
  • You are welcome (encouraged) to be creative!  You can submit art, music, and other non-text formats.
  • If you plan on proposing your own assignment, please discuss your idea with me and submit a brief written proposal to me by January 20, 2017. Before going ahead, I must approve (in writing) the alternative you are proposing.

Please upload your assignment onto the Course Site (or link to YouTube or other…). For instructions on how to upload a document, please see the screen cast in the “Representing knowledge” section (however, you would need to toggle “own” under student work).

Name your file: Last name_Own_2017.

If text, aim for approximately 450-500 words. If this is NOT text, I will still want a brief text explanation (what this looks like can be negotiated between us during the proposal stage).

Meaningfully reference at least 2 readings from the course. That is, explicitly say how your ideas link to a published article/work from the course. Make sure to cite the reference properly.

Please contact me if you have questions about the assignment.

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