Teaching Philosophy Statement

Revising your Teaching Philosophy Statement

This is an opportunity to revise the teaching philosophy statement you wrote last term and meaningfully incorporate ideas from this course into that statement.

Due: Anytime between Monday, January 30-Wednesday, February 8, 2017

As you revise your teaching philosophy, do the following:

  1. Incorporate 3 or more key ideas from this course into your statement.
  2. Reduce number of idyllic statements that are not backed up by examples –help the reader “see” your teacher self.
  3. Tell me your revision story (imagine us having a conversation about your revisions).

Important points about the annotations

  • Annotate your revised version with 4 or more comments (use a different colour font or use comment bubbles  [Microsoft Word])
  • Link your comments to at least 2 readings from the course.  Include the full citation of the reading in your assignment (at bottom or elsewhere as relevant).
  • Point out which key ideas from the course are reflected in your revised statement (they may have already been in Version 1)
  • Briefly tell me about the significant revisions you have made and why you made these changes (i.e. what concepts/ideas/examples have you added that were not in your previous version or what you have modified)
  • Do not tell me about changes you made to grammar, sentence structure, spelling etc

As I grade the assignment, I will be looking to see the extent to which you have addressed the above requests (and the more straightforward requests below).


  • You may write this assignment in French or English.
  • 500-600 words maximum (including annotations).
  • Include the version from last term and the revised version.
  • Try to see this as an opportunity—not a source of stress. This is not about creating a “perfect” statement; rather, it is about giving you an opportunity to consider the ideas from the course and determine how these can be used to further develop your teaching philosophy statement.
  • Please be in touch if you have questions or want me to look at a first draft of your work.


Instructions for submitting the assignment:

Submit your assignment via email.


  • include the teaching philosophy statement from last term and the revised version.  If you are sending me two files, name the files:
    • Last name TP 1 (e.g., Iqbal TP 1) [this would be the one from last term]
    • Last name TP 2 [this would be the revised version]
  • Use email subject line: EDST403 TP Assignment

If your teaching philosophy statement is online, you can simply send me the appropriate links.