What I no longer know

What I no longer know as a result of my community field experience

Due: Anytime between Tuesday, May 19-Tuesday, May 26

As individuals, we are often asked to demonstrate what we know. By doing so, we give evidence of our competence, abilities, intellectual capacity, and skills.  Yet, being in a  state of not knowing, or of questioning our knowledge, or even of un-learning and/or relearning, can be highly productive for our growth as teachers.

In this assignment, I ask you to write a short piece in which you respond to the following two questions: “What do I no longer know as a result of my community field experience (CFE)?” and “Why is this not knowing important to my teaching practice?”

If you have not completed a community field experience, please draw on your experiences in your extended practicum.

As you write this assignment, please remember:

  • Answer both questions above.
  • Include a very brief description about the essentials of your CFE (because it is helpful to orient me to the situation and to learn more about you). If you have not completed a CFE and are drawing from your extended practicum, tell me the essentials of that situation.
  • Your audience for this assignment is me, your peers, and other readers at UBC and beyond who visit the course site.
  • I encourage you to write in conversational tone typical of many education-related blog posts.
  • Length: 200-250 words maximum.
  • Consult page 3 of the syllabus for evaluation criteria.
  • You may also wish to include this post as a sample of your writing in your teaching portfolio.
  • ***Important: When you have posted the assignment to the site, please send me an email (to isabeau.iqbal@ubc.ca) with the url of the post. The main reason I ask you to do this is because I want to have your email address [the one you use on a regular basis for school-related things] in order to send you feedback.

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Please contact me with questions. Note that you will have the opportunity to re-submit the assignment if it does not meet the above requirements.

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Credit: Inspiration for this assignment came from my colleague, Dr. Graham Giles. Thank-you!