I’m here, I’m ready! Hello!  Hello? Testing 1 – 2 – 3…

My name is John Egan; I’m an instructional designer and project manager here in the Distance Education unit of the Office of Learning Technology (OLT for short). I help academics across the universe develop awesome online courses. Which means I get to talk about pedagogy, learn about kewl stuff, and I get to play with toys! Can you say commodity fetishism? I knew you could!

I’ll include some personal reflections about (as Douglas Adams said) life, the universe and everything. But I’ll try to share a bit of my experience around instructional design.

And I’m all about interactivity: do comment!

My Twitter is johnpegan; my iChat/AIM is johneganubc. Skype is john.patrick.egan. Do say hello in these other spaces…but if you feel ignored, I’m probably working.

About John P Egan

Learning technology professional.
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