Skype as a distributed learning tool

I’m working on a course whose author is based in Central Canada. And while technology today offers all sorts of tools to communicate, delivering professional development training can be challenging. Not so much for communicating what I need to; it’s helping end users troubleshoot that’s the issue.

But once again Skype is proving to be a great tool.

Skype now allows one caller to share her/his desktop with the other (it doesn’t work in conference calls; neither does video calling though, at least on the Mac platform). So if I want to see what a user is doing I merely ask them to send me their desktop. I can then follow what they do, step-by-step, and point out any errors.

I can also demostrate how to do something–think of it as a live screencast. Again and again and again if need be.

I heart Skype!

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